Famous Cousin Eddie Quotes


National Lampoon’s Vacation, the American film series released from 1983 until 2015, never gets too old and it is one of the most popular American classics. The series are distributed by Warner Brothers and many people do not know but it is based on a shot story written by John Hughes, Vacation 58. There are seven films that were produced in 13 years total.

All the films portray the Griswold family in their vacation, who always fail to enjoy a good time as there is always some disaster occurring to them, most of them extremely embarrassing. The cast varies but the characters are still the same, some of them may not appear in all the films though but they are always mentioned.

Eddi Johnson or uncle Eddie is one of the most popular characters from the film series. In spite of the years that have already passed, people still refer to Cousin Eddie quotes using it in memes because he is one of the funniest characters in the film. In 2014 during the GameDay, Dan Mullen was asked pto read a mean twitter about him, in which a user said he looked a lot like uncle Eddie. When reading the tweet, he quoted uncle Eddie and instantly became internet gold. 

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